Wendell, ternary computing?

Let me preface this by saying I am completely ignorant about pretty much everything related to physics. I'm a freshman in high school.

That said, I was reading some interesting things about ternary computing, and I got to thinking, would it not make sense for core internet infrastructure to switch to that? I read somewhere that you could send 0, +1, and -1 over fiber by using dark, and 2 different polarizations of light, so wouldn't that make the same fiber lines that are already in the ground exponentially faster?

Could that principle be applied to other things? Could you simulate a super basic ternary computer inside a binary computer with software? I know it would be slow as mess but would it work at all, just as a proof of concept?

Sorry if I asked anything dumb, again I'm only a freshman so as far as physics I pretty much know that atoms are a thing that exist :P

This exists in many places many different ways. Check out trellis encoding then look up the standards for gigabit Ethernet. 250mhz on 2 pair is only 500 megabit per sec. So they get 2 bits per clock already there. 10 gigabit is even denser per cycle at I think 350ish MHz? 

Its why 4800 baud is a misnomer. Its 4800 bps at 2400 baud. Yes even your 33.6kbps modem was a mere 2400 baud. 

Yay bit densities. I'm not sure but suspect serial protocols in sata and pcie probably encode multiple bits per unit time.