@wendell teklinux channel LPI certification fast track?

@wendell I know your busy with A lot of things. Although I would really like to see a new "Fast track to getting Certified in Linux" playlist with everything you need to know to get certified in your choice of certification. I know the're training courses and text books but I learn quite quickly for your videos and I think most people on the forum are the same way.

I understand this would be a lot of work but I think it would be really cool for the community. I would even be willing to help in anyway possible. as i know most of the beginner stuff ie. installation, navigation, types of disros and some other stuff.

Other members of the forum have informed me that the LPI is the most desirable certification for Linux would this be your first choice if you had no other degree or certifications?

also wouldn't mind seeing Grizzel or Quain lead this project either! =)


I'd love to see some videos like this too, but I think maybe that's more content than they can handle right now. Maybe once Wendell and Qain get back on their feet, something like that would be possible, but given the current situation I think a long-term complex project like that is not the best idea.

Yo, i'm doing my LPIC right now so i thought i'd share some of the resources i'm using to study.

Linux Academy has some good video content for the LPIC exams.

Another is CBT nuggets again, their LPIC stuff is pretty good.

Let me know if you need any pointers.

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yes I agree, I just figured id make this thread to see if the community wanted this as well, I fully understand that this would be a long term process. I will most likely be certified before the videos where to come out if they did at all. But even still this would be a great thing for the Tek community.

Thank you sir!

this is what im currently doing


You can chose to do it for free or pay $99 for their certification (im doing it for free)

Also if you've played with Linux you can get through the first 4 chapters in like 2 hours idk about all 18 tho im only on the 4th.


Yeah so a lot of the content i learnt just on my own but it does cover some good stuff and i would totally recommend the LPIC for people new to Linux as it teaches a lot of the basics such as moving around a Linux environment and managing it effectively.

Of course this is not "sysadmin" level however i wouldn't discount it either as "just another cert" i think it actually does provide some value and isn't like a Cisco cert that in my personal opinion only looks good on paper.

In short, the LPIC actually gives you knowledge which you can use both in the real working world and as a hobbyist.

pssssst I'll collect my marketing fee now.

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