[Wendell] streaming server tutorial

Hey Wendell I remember in Inbox.exe 0046 Logan was talking about how you set up you own streaming server, and I figure it would be a cool thing to learn to make, any chance you could teach us how to make one ?

Would definitely be cool to have more How To on custom things Tek Syndicate does.

I'm just about to log off but if you send me a message I can send you the instructions, it's fairly simple. If you don't end up sending me a message I'll end up making a post for everyone to see. It may not be the way I Wendell does it, but it works well for me!

Kodibuntu. Simple, Easy. If that is not enough:


Linux Media Server

XBMC sync Server

Media Streaming Server Howto


I think OP is meaning more of an RTMP server that he can use with Open Broadcaster.


That's what I'm interested in as well.

I'd like to see this as well. I think under Linux you use either nginx or ffmpeg (aka avconv) but I've never done RTMP streaming with that so I'm not sure. I just know that's how I stream via UDP with Linux. I'm actually writing a web frontend for avconv, which will have similar functionality to a vBrick streaming encoder or a Matrox Monarch, so when I get that done maybe I can make some people's lives easier :P

I think Wendell does some cool shit, and I also enjoy learning stuff from him. But can't you guys try to create some of this stuff on your own? Say you try and completely fail, you still will learning something and be better prepared for another attempt. It can be a lot of work and a bit intimidating but just try it. Do you want someone to be holding your hand through every tech project you do? If you have someone else do all the work for you then you will never learn how it actually works. What if something goes wrong? Are you going to troubleshoot a system that you didn't even know how to set up? Aspire to be the person that people come to for help, don't be the guy that just "copies" what everyone else does. Asking for help is fine but don't let Wendell do all the work, try it out for yourself!!


I'm not sure, but I think this has been covered several times before.



The thing to remember when it comes to audio/video streaming -- or anything "server" related -- is that it all comes down to which protocols you want to support/use. For example, FTP is clearly one of the most established protocols where even a lowly Raspberry Pi server might work with it -- and probably work quite well (for a handful of users). But FTP hardly supports true media streaming. So rather than make another how-to on the building of a server maybe Wendell could get into the nitty gritty of the OSI model (application, presentation, session, transport, network, data, physical) and any implementation of various protocols in that server and possibly why a person would choose one protocol over another.

Or maybe, you could just watch another video from Eli The Computer Guy about "The OSI Model Demystified". It's pretty dry stuff but critically important to anyone wanting to deal with servers of any kind. (I'm quite sure Wendell already knows it.)


exactly, I have no prier knowledge at all on how to make a server, I am willing to learn how to make one, the ability to host your own stream to be able to use with Open Broadcaster sounds interesting to me, I was also wondering if its possible to have it work together with a streaming service like twitch in order to provide better quality or would it be better used the same way Logan and Wendell use it on The Tek and INBOX.EXE.


I like UDP streaming if you're streaming to large amounts of client PCs, and they're all on the same LAN, because multicast makes everything so efficient it's not even funny

If you guys just wanted to know the bare minimum, Wendell uses OpenBroadcaster with an AverMedia capture card, but I dont know what the server is. I think it might be nginx????

Is there a video on this yet?