Wendell said he was going to make a tutorial about managing a domain

I am a noob when it comes to front end development and website making but I jumped the gun and bought myself a neat domain name at gettech using the techteklinux pormo code. But I have no idea how to get started.

Now that I have the domain where the heck do I get started making my website a place where I can display my resume and allow future employees download basic things like tar files or word documents.

I don't need a step by step tutorial I just want to get started maybe learn some buzzwords that then I can google.


  • make the website, that you intend to publish.
  • get a hosting
  • deploy the site
  • point your domain name to the hosting's IP

That would be in the broad strokes.

If you want to need something more precise, you will have to give some additional information about programming languages, that you intend to use, the amount of money, that you intend to pay for this whole thing per month, and some vague assessment of your sysadmin skills.


Thank you! Thats exactly the kind of answer that I wanted. Have a nice day.