Wendell: Proxmox video with LXC?

I loved the original Proxmox video, as I have been a huge fan of Proxmox for years. Whenever I had friends interested in Proxmox, I simply sent them that video and it did all the explaining for me, it was awesome! However recently Proxmox switched from OpenVZ to LXC containers, and I have no idea how to use them. I plan on figuring it out within the next few weeks (or whenever I can find the time) but would y'all be interested in making another video with the new version of Proxmox? Additionally, Proxmox has support for ZFS now, so maybe a video on how to set up a Proxmox server with a good storage setup?


I would also be very interested in such content. Maybe pinging @wendell helps drawing his attention to that very interesting topic =)

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An updated video would certainly be interesting. Short overview of what Proxmox is for the people who haven't heard of it before, then maybe a bit more advanced part with data storage and LXC containers. I currently run Proxmox on my whitebox server (Core2 Quad Q6600, 4GB RAM). Right now it has a VM for OpenMediaVault and I think a couple containers for a web server with SVN and maybe something else. Works great.

Built a machine specifically for proxmox after seeing wendell's tutorial.
It would be awesome if he showed how to use external vnc clients with proxmox as the built in vnc is slow as hell

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The Java VNC it originally had was awful, yes. Wendell said it best in the video "Java...Java's not much fun." Thankfully they upgraded to NoVNC, but I agree a tutorial on external VNC clients would be awesome. I don't do much on my Proxmox server that involves GUIs, so I mostly use SSH, but for the occasional Windows VM, an alternative to NoVNC would be great.