Wendell! Or anyone.. Question regarding SSI 8 pin Motherboards

I am currently planning a new developer workstation and looking at the Corsair 1000D Case. As we know this case can hold two motherboards. My question is, I have researched the question and am having a hard time understanding this power technology. I cant really find an answer to my question. I have went to ssi-forums and to no avail.

The motherboard in question is from Supermicro. Link is here.
I am having problems finding the exact motherboard. but this one has the same power setup

notice it just has a single 8pin for powering the board.

cant post links. look up supermicro X11SRi-IF as an example.
Can I run a single 1200 - 1500 watt power supply and run my main workstation board, and this little development server board at the same time?

what is the difference between a standard eps12v 8 pin vs this?

thanks guys/gals

Here’s the link:

Yes you can.

Nothing. 12V DC is 12V DC on any pin/connector.

This particular board has been designed to fit inside the case you’ve mentioned, and be powered from the same PSU as the main system.

The one use case I can think of (not a developer!) is for the dev to use the secondary system for light tasks (browsing the web, for research, of course :stuck_out_tongue: ) while his main system crunches the development work. Nice thought, but they’ve invented laptops/tablets for that :wink:

mini itx for LAMP Server web development. 12v is 12v no matter what. I though maybe the pin config may have been different for wiring or something. these little boards seem to be affordable they have EPYC Mini ITX. that is what I was trying to find.

thank you for your response. I was looking too deep into the issue.

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