@Wendell ... DUDE!

That’s a fairly interesting definition of “need” :smiley:

I’m playing unreal engine titles just fine with Zen+…


The 4960X only hits 28fps in Breathedge under DXVK. Absolutely abysmal frame rates.

Detroit Become Human only hits 25fps on the 4960X.

I’m very tempted to buy that game to see how my system handles it.

But then again, I’ve given up games.


I don’t have either of those games, but I’ve never seen frame-rates that low with my 2700x in anything that actually works with DXVK that I have tried.

Borderlands 3 (that’s unreal engine, yeah?) hits almost 60fps in 4k on Vega 64 with a couple of tweaks.


It is VERY well known that dxvk does not perform as well as direct X because it’s an emulation layer. Lol this doesn’t sound like latency this sounds like running a windows game on Linux and it not being perfect.

Unreal engine is just fine on first gen ryzen I literally never experienced this stuff. I run windows for games for a reason. Arch Linux for work. Use the best tool for the job. With gaming sorry the cold hard truth is. Windows is still king and there’s nothing wrong with Windows.

Try running the game on windows and comparing your results. You will surely find it’s a DXVK issue and not latency

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Just go out on the streets to play that game


Windows is 55fps, but DXVK is 28fps on the 4960X.

BUT, The 3600X hits 60fps DXVK. And Detroit Become Human is native Vulkan and is reported to perform abysmally on Windows with the 4960X as well.

I have a thread here about it. Nobody else found out the true reason. I fell back to it being single threaded rendering.

I took a look at it all. I’m not quite sure what you are expecting dxvk to do? Or proton for that matter. They have too a game native to windows and emulated a layer and converter it’s calls to vulkan. While it’s something sort of easy to say oh that’s CPU bound. The real cause is just not running the native platform the game was designed for.

When I asked about latency I was getting at what is latency sensitive not what might be latency sensitive without actual conclusion or significant evidence that it’s the CPU and not the software lol.

Ultimately my advice still stands current gen is fine. Run windows if you want to game. A lot of people dual boot and have no issue doing so :slight_smile:

Tru lmao

Just use what ever works best.

There is not point trying to shoehorn a solution, unless experimental or academic purposes.


Long term, it would be VFIO on something with good single core performance, and low enough latency. Threadripper is out of my price range, and too high latency. I would VFIO for Unreal Engine titles because it as that huge of a performance delta.

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