[Wendel] Any use for a Dell PowerEdge 2650 rackmount anymore?

I have two  Dell Poweredge 2650 rackmounts. Both dual socket Xeon quad core (one has one cpu, the other has two filled) 


I know these are dinosaurs and are powerhogs, so running them 24/7 for anything is just stupid in a home. 


I want to know if they can be used for anything that would be beneficial or try to junk them to someone for dirt cheap?

I also have a 300GB ISCSI 10k cheeta drive I bought off amazon so I could tinker with the server for a little bit.

see if you can trade them for a 2950 -- those are about the oldest machines with a quasi-okay service lifetime. Pretty much these are too slow for anything useful unless they have gobs of ram. Is the 300gb drive SAS or scsi? if scsi 68 pin or SCA? if it isn't sas, it probably isn't terribly useful and probably runs hot enough that it would *require* active airflow cooling to keep it from dying horribly.

In my younger days I procured a full height IBM 68 pin scsi drive that IBM was kind enough to let me RMA even after I learned that the drive being 70 degrees C was not normal, and I needed to have a fan blowing over it. But oh my it was so fast compared to the other drives of the day.


The drive is a scsi 80pin.



I have no idea who would even want to trade these things. could throw them up on the local craigslist.

But both servers have 4gb of ecc ram and redundant psus. Installed.

one of the csci professors at the uni i attend had one of these. she told me i could have it but i didnt bother because of its age. it predates my current server which is a poweredge 2900 (big tower, really big tower). that said, the csci department inherited a couple 2950s from computing services and they are pretty useful for some of our small tasks. we have converted them from SAS to SATA drives now but that was easy enough. SAS was just to pricey compared to SATA. but we made sure to get decent SATA. so yeah, 2650 to old for anything really useful