Well it was only a matter of time

amazon has gone and done it cellphone discounts for data mining and advertising . will give them credit at least its semi transparent as to what 90% of other apps and web pages do and gives slightly cheaper cellphone.

point and laugh or hang head in shame from what it means and implicates.

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What the fuck is all I can say.

Oh no I’m dying in a car crash I need help. Shit let me watch this 30 second ad for 30 minutes of free phone usage.

Yeah let me get one and try and unlock it then when it gets bricked I’ll return it for the useless junk it is.

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@Kat tried one of these phones and he got rid of it, its that bad

this has also been a thing for some time

So glad I don’t use a cell.

What do you feed your ravens?

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crow :smiley:

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so why not get one and put a custom rom on it?

Buy phone
install lineage
got 300USD off

All cell phones (at least in the US) are required to be able to make emergency calls regardless of lock state, or even whether they are currently using a SIM card or attached to a plan.

911 is a no-compromise requirement.


(Looks at LG V30) Don’t you Fekin DaaaRE!!

Exactly what I was thinking of.

What does this mean and what are the implications?

Cheap but decent Android phone with a custom rom. That’s what.

I didn’t think I needed an /s tag

Whilst this phone is a good alternative for those who are literally broke and need a phone right now, this phone if you unintentionally turn the data on when your plan doesn’t account for data could easily cost you the value of the phone in a few days.
That’s probably the only issue I have with it.

Unfortunately it looks like that isn’t possible, the bootloader is locked (and can’t be unlocked) on the “Prime version” of any of the phones that Amazon offers at a discount. Not really surprised by this at all, expected it to be honest.

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