Well, I'm convinced Nvida runs the Nvidia reddit and the description is a lie


Nvidia is one of the most user-unfriendly company in the computer industry. I refuse to do business with them. Even Intel is better.


From some of the things I’ve seen of intel’s documentation… shits on what AMD or Nvidia do. I don’t think AMD has anything even comparable to intel’s “ark”. Nvidia seems like a “here’s our way of doing it; and fuck you if you want lower level info to do it your own way.” This M40 is my first Nvidia product though; other than this, most of what I know is shit like the code 43 VM troubles.

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You might want to check out craft computing, I think he recently figured out how to VM on teslas

I’ve scene a few of his. I’m trying to not use a VM anyway.
What the link in the screenshot is, by the way.

Ark is pretty fantastic. It’s like the anti-HP website.