Well, I bought a chromebook



It was $140. I'l be putting ubuntu on it and using it for word processing and light internet browsing/media consumption.


I expecxt it to die in 1.5 years. It was $140. I would be a fool not to buy it.


anyone else have one? can ya let me know how it is?

It's obviously not a powerhouse (not designed to be), but how is it so far?

havent recieved it yet, should be here by friday.

I mean it would be a good laptop for work, college and such. It's definitly not a heavy hitter, you may able to push some light games on there(minecraft and such) on there.

Once you get it. let me know how it works. I have been contemplating getting one just for casual internet surfing while on the go.

will do. I'l be using this in college, and a few things attracted me.

The price, The small footprint/size, I already have a nice desktop in my dorm with triple moniters for anything more powerful i need to do.


I'l litterally only be doing note taking/web browsing on this thing.

well, it came in yesterday. it's tiny, if you want to use it use it ona table, as it doesnt fit on your lap, the keyboard is decent, screen is fine. It gets fairly hot. Chrome os is shit, I put on chrUbuntu within 40 minutes of having it. I can always go back to Chrome os though if i want. both are installed. its a good college laptop, it was cheap as hell, so i wont mind it dying in a year, and its a nice linux machine.

Have you tried any light games like Minecraft on there? Just to see how it runs?

With a 1.1Ghz Celeron, I seriously doubt minecraft will see above 15fps on low settings.

I may try it, but if I do it will be only for you guys. I do not plan to do anything but wordprocessing/internet browsing.

crubuntu will run on an x86 processor? i thought it was modded specifically to run on the samsung arm processor of the other chromebooks

unimportant i guess, just surprised

I bought a Samsung Chromebook earlier this year and I have to say that I love it.

But I only use it for browsing the net and taking notes in class, it's perfect for those two things. And really, that's about all you should expect to do on it for such a low price. I think they're going for $200 now on Amazon? They were listed at $250.  

Just yesterday there was an article posted on Hacker News about installing Ubuntu on the Chromebook - https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=6271314 

it sure does. mod's the bios to do it.

it has the chrome os so you cant download minecraft on it


yep, nunless you change the os to linux ;)

The script just pulls the stuff from the i386/amd64 repo.

Minecraft. Light game. Yeah.

It has no bios.