Well f$%k me

I was going to write about why I haven't been around for the last few months but having come back to this I'm not really sure if it's worth it. I've left a burning building (metaphorically) and all of my possessions and been displaced from my home, to come back to my other home, a burning building.

A tl;dr PSA :

  • Check your contents insurance Product Disclosure Statements thoroughly! You might not be insured for things you think you are.

  • If you rent, make sure your lessor/landlord contracts qualified knowledgeable professionals to do any work in your house.

  • Read your rental contract thoroughly. Know that shit back to front. Real Estate Agents have the home owner's interest in mind and do not give a flying fuck about you.

  • Know your rights! You might have free legal advice for things tenancy related. (True in Australia, check locally)

  • Back your fucking data up and keep a copy offsite. This should include personal documentation like birth certificates etc.

  • Most importantly, be aware that older buildings can be constructed from nasty shit like FUCKING ASBESTOS. If that shits gets dispersed you don't want it anywhere near you. Prepare to get rid of anything that can't be professionally cleaned to some kind of guarantee of it's removal. Like all your computers, your audio equipment, every stitch of clothing you own, your bed, your linen, your couches and chairs...basically everything you fucking own that is porous is toast.

Hope this helps someone, somewhere, somehow.


Sorry to hear that man, but this is the most unique of these threads I've seen yet.
Kinda puts it into perspective really.


Once again sorry to hear, we don't always get a choice in the stuff we go through. And yeah puts other bullshit into perspective.

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Sorry to read this.

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Cheers. Was pretty rough losing everything and then on top of that getting evicted illegally so the owner didn't have to accommodate us. You have no idea how much you miss something as simple as being able to listen to music before you can't.