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Hello everyone. I did made the request for the networking section here on TekSyndicate. I will be here to help with the people who want to know more about networking. I will try to do my best to answer any questions you may have. I might use some of the questions to fuel my brain for tutorial ideas and video inboxes. If you have any suggestions for a tutorial, let me know. I will see what I can put my knowladge to. Thanks!

If Logan didn't, you should ask him for Mod rights over the Networking part of the forum.


Might I suggest a 'how-to' for securing a home network. IE: I went from an old WEP w/ password and visible SSID (ten years ago) to WPA2-PSK, Hidden SSID, and White List Mac address filter.

Logan,please move everything on PF Sense to here, Thanks.

I shall get started on that. I'll be using a netgear router for a lot of my tutorials. Might use packet tracer for some of them. LOL

Maybe something on configuring routers and such. 

I was wondering the other day how ISPs give you access to the net, here n New Zealand it's most over the phone lines, so faith inking there must be some way to by pass them and use some random DNS.  Of course I wouldn't plan to et something like that up perminate lay but after watching a dock on phone phreaking I guessed there had to be some way.

I'm not quite sure if this is specific to me, but this is what appears.


It depends on what type of routers there are, and you can change DNS Servers on your router. It's quite easy