Weirdest crash I’ve ever had

My system has been incredibly reliable since I built it in mid 2021. But today something weird happened.

Today was the day of weird tech issues for me.

On a probably unrelated note I had a weird situation earlier today in Hyper V where I just could not get it to create virtual machines from downloaded linux cd disk files. I swapped to virtual box and it just worked without issue at all.

Other weird thing was I have a network attached printer and in a weird case of timing after someone was using it and just pushing all the buttons trying to get it to work the internet both Ethernet and wifi borked itself. I had to restart my computer to get it to recognise the Ethernet connection and the wifi devices just came back in their own.

But the weirdest crash I’ve ever had was later in the day. I was playing a game and out of the blue something happened and it was enough to restart the machine.

It wasn’t overheating, the power supply is only two weeks old and 1000watts of which I’m probably using a third if that, the fans weren’t going crazy or anything. It was just a sudden restart.

I ran bench marks afterward to stress the machine and ran the game again with an overlay showing temperatures and thing and no overhearing or power issue.

Weird things happen but I hate weird things that I don’t know the cause of.

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sounds like updates changing default settings or overriding user settings randomly.

sounds weird, there’s various debugging you can try between ping tools/looking at routes/arping tools/Wireshark… using other machines to generate different kinds of packets / disabling enabling interfaces and protocols and messing with vswitch stuff / disabling and enabling drivers through device manager.

Stuff happening around the system that may or may not be considered too “low level” to show in a dialogue, or surface to end user in some obvious way where they could be guided through some choices… this ends up in logs.

In Windows, users can go and browse through different kinds and different sources of logs in the “Event Viewer UI”. It’s hard to explain what to look for, a good first rule of thumb is to maybe look at everything around the particular time of the problem.

Games have interesting butsty hardware usage patterns. In addition, various DRMs run in the kernel, have unfeathered access to hardware and everything happening on the machine and can be buggy on their own.


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