Weird usb issues?

I'm currently having issues with my USB ports randomly disconnecting and reconnecting the devices whenever I plug in a new device such as an controller or a charger for my mouse. I currently have got two powered external hard drives plugged into a USB 3.0, a webcam, a Corsair k70 R&B keyboard which is taking up two USB 2.0 ports, Logitech g700s receiver plus charging cord, and a Logitech g35 headset. Whenever I plug in my playstation 4 controller it disconnects my headset or causes my k70 to no longer show feedback in terms of lighting. I currently have a Corsair rm850 power supply in the system but I've had the same issue with a hx650 and I'm also using an asus m5a99x pro Rev 2 and before that I had a m5a99x Evo rev 1. I have no idea how to fix this issue.

I have the same Mobo and have issues with my Dac/Amp whenever I change the ports on it. I am ordering up a powered USB 3.0 hub today to see if it will help solve some of the issues. I will let you know when I get it and see if it has made any difference. I honestly wonder if your problem is related to power consumption. That said I would assume the Mobo should still be able to handle it. But I do not know enough about how Motherboards provide power to USB.

It is something to do with the amount of amps supplied and drivers. For Asus mobos specifically, they do some strange power saving thing that gives less amps than it should. I know that the Maximus VI Impact has that issue, it is unable to power the Schiit Modi, and the only way to fix it is to get a powered USB Hub. That has solved all the problems that came from Asus's power saving features.

Something like this (What we use):


Thanks for the input guys. I will definitely try an old USB hub that I've got lying around and see if that fixes the issue.

Just got my hub installed and setup. Everything worked immediately. For what it's worth this is the one that I bought:

Make sure the hub you are using is powered @lego_man_13