Weird Temp Issue with FX-8350

Hello!. I have a watercooled FX-8350 and the core temps are doing fine. I idle around 30C and get to about 50C on load at 4.8ghz. The only problem is that my socket temps SOAR under load. I can never run my CPU at max load because when I do, my socket temp goes: 60C, 70C, 80C and hovers around 80. It seems like a shame to lower my OC becuase everything is stable other than my socket temp. I went to the "extreme" of adding a tiny 92mm fan behind my CPU blowing on the socket, but it doesn't help! I don't know what to do now.

Your oc might not be stable. I would try increasing the vcore a little and see if the temp normalizes.

But wouldn't increasing the voltage increase the temps?

Yes and no. Its rather common for the temp to skyrocket when using prime95, if the cpu is not getting enough power to stabilize its self. The temp climb should be a fairly steady climb 24....24...25...27...ect. If the numbers are as such 24....28.....36....58....your oc is not stable.  At the same time more power does mean more heat, but in this case, even if its more heat it still might be cooler then what you have now. Overclocking is tricky businesses.