Weird sound from graphics card

I have this weird sound coming from my graphics card. It only makes the sound when I play games, and it starts making heat. Have an example in the video

I think its capacitor vibration. What is your frame rate though too? try turning off AA and make sure your vertical syng is set to 60 frames. That should relieve some of the load. Is the card overclocked to generate that much heat? What is the ambient temperature? Make sure there is no dust in the fan grill. make sure the card is clean.

Most graphics cards make noise when the fps get too high, but I doubt you are that high on that game unless your resolution is really low. Some cards get bad luck with the capasitors and they vibrate and make noise when too much power is running through them.

Anyway, try the above and answer the questions and maybe we can help you further.


about 40-60 fps. its overclocked about 75 mhz from the stock so not really that much. it peaks at about 80 and idles at 50 with dual monitors. ambient temp is probably in the mid 60's. no dust whatsoever. i have 2 monitors at 1080P

Just had a listen, there is coil whine which you needed worry about - but there is an overlay of what sounds to be a fan either off balance or somthing like the shroud vibrating. Does touching the heatsink shroud in certain spots increase/decrease noise?

Another thing to try is remove the overclock completely and see if it happens still.

Is this a new occurance or has it been there from the start?

I am with deejeta, take off the overclock just to see if the noise keeps happening. Also, did you make any recent changes? have you always had 2 monitors? or did you recently get the second monitor?

There is a chance that it could be from the powersupply. so try taking the overclock off and see if that drops your temps and noise. In a well airconditioned room your temps shouldnt be getting that high unless the overclock really is stressing the card.

Lastly, why can't you return it? is the warrantee up or is there another reason?

alright, so the overclock has been off for about 2 days. and there is no change in sound whatsoever. its still makes that sound, it hasnt gotten any better either. it has been doing this since about mid december. and i got the second monitor in the end of may. so i can deny the monitor and overclock theories. no new changes in the os or drivers. im pretty certain that it isnt the powersupply because even with the overclock off and only 1 monitor it still does it. and there is a huge drop in temps with only 1 monitor, which i expected. if i only do 1 monitor it idles at about 27 ish. and the peak with 1 monitor is about 70. noise is still soliciting, even with no overclock and 1 monitor. i have almost no heat differences with that overclock too. and lastly, i can not return it because when i called them they said my warranty didnt cover that. sorry for the delay.

oh and one more thing, if i completely stop 1 of the fans with my finger it doesnt make the sound. i got the card in september too, if that helps.

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 im baffled. its only makes the noise when it gets above 60 or so degrees, but if you stop the fan it goes away. so the fan is making the noise, but only if its hot. i dont know man, im lost


RMA the card, otherwise you could try (depending on the fan itself) a drop of oil. May help for a while.

i cant not RMA it. so should i look for a new fan. Ill put a drop of oil in

Why can't you RMA?

This isnt coilwhine sofar i know, my asus 7870 had coil whine. I was only SLICHTLY able to hear it from the card itself. But out of my speakers, headphones and headset it made a HORREBLE noice even when i was getting like 30 fps. I took it back at the shop and they gave me a new version of the card, i dont have any problems now.

warranty is void

Could always grab another heatsink and fan. Artic Cooling make models to suit most cards..

is my card worth putting 100 dollars into for a new heatsink though? I mean, im a poor teenager and my current job is giving me shit hours. I cant really afford anything right now, but i could buy either a new gpu by the end of summer of a new cooler. but by the end of summer my card will be 1 year old. so what would be better for my money, because if i buy a 100 dollar cooler for a 350 dollar card, i will have put 450 dollars into it and im not sure if thats worth it. thanks guys for all your time by the way


The price on 7950's will come down soon. The GTX 760 should drop any day now, and the GTX TX 660 is at $175 online.. Wait til the end of summer.. or just live with it until you can comfortably get a new graphics card.

***Another thing.. Did you try turning up the fan speed in OC tuner without stressing the card? I am almost certain that is capacitor vibration. Not a fan, and not a coil wine. Put the fans to 100% in OC tuner without stressing the card and see if the sound is still there.

the fan speed is at 100 percent at all times, but it only makes the noise if it reaches 60 degrees. and the sound stop if i stop the fan


I am guessing you dont stop the fan when the card is under load. because if the fan is running at 100% all the time, then it would make the sound all teh time. So its not the fan, unless the fan isnt getting enough power when the card is using more power.

Is the card using a 4 pin molex adapter or something? or is it directly connected to a pci-e power cable?

And have you tried just putting the fans at 70% and running the game? try that and see if the card still makes the noise.

Also, does the pitch of the noise change when you look at different areas or different things are happening on the screen? or is it constant?

Why is your warranty void?

Anyway it's pretty bad noise, really shouldn't be doing that when hitting a certain temp.

Are you able to try the card in a different PC with different PSU?

1. It is like a 3 pin plug or something, im not entirely sure, it plugs right into the card.

2. it makes the same noise at all times regardless of fan speed.  and it does not change when i look at different areas, it is the same constant noise from when i reach 60 degrees or so. 
3. warranty is void because i tried fixing the noise before and fixing temps by oiling the fan and replacing the thermal paste. IT dropped the temps but it didnt make the noise leave

Try grabbing msi afterburner  and make a custom fan profile so that the fan wont reach its noisy range. 

Just watch the temps under load very closely. Wouldnt really let the core go over 80c. Core can handle more but up to you...