Weird smell from PC

I got this weird smell coming from my PC for quite a long time now.. it smell's kinda like plastic but i cleared all dust from all fans and they are all at normal temps... only thing that is allways trowing hot air is my power supply, but i think that's normal

It's not unusual for PCs to smell weird. But it might be an indication that your power unit could be on the way out. I can't be sure of that, so probably no need to panic.

what brand is your power supply and how many watts?

And if you could tell us how long you have owned the unit, that might prove quite useful.

It's 400W some old power supply .. my PC is 4 years old

I'd say there's a good chance your PSU will burn out within the coming months. Usually an old "no-name" brand PSU is bad news.

My guess as with others is the PSU my brothers computer had that plasticy smell coming feom it and when he looked in the unit he saw some melting of wire insulation and burn marks on the pbc so that may be the problem.

Yeah... that's what I was thinking too.. can't wait to get my new PC.. can't play shit on this one

i would have a loo inside the power supply you dont have to open it to see in it just use a flash light and look inside the openings.


I will open it tomorrow ... now it's 11 p.m., why would even somebody sell shit like this ... btw an FX-8350 costs around 200$ in USA but in Croatia it costs almost like an i7

Yeah.. You'd want to change that ASAP. Not a good sign at all..

greed pretty much there trying to maximize profit while reducing cost in turn means the consumer ends up with a sub par product its up to us to try to avoid the junk.

motherboard manufacturers love to put plastic stickers and protective clear plastic on the heatsincks have a look and see if there are any on yours and pull them off.