Weird shutdown new Ryzen 3700x build? no load low temp?

So, I’ve been running my non overclocked 3700x, Asus Prime x470, 32gb Ram Win 10, for a couple days, 24/7.

No issues. Then today, 3 times it shut right down. I was monitoring temps and they were in the 30s to mid 40c, 1-5% load.

All I was doing was watching a youtube, and 3d printing via USB with Cura. It came back right away. I’m running all the temp programs but everything looks very good.

Other than temp, what would cause Win 10 to just shut down like that?

Can I run anything so I can see a log what happened when it shutdown?

It would do this within about 5 minutes at reboot?


By the way, I unplugged my 3D printer in case that had something to do with it but i find that unlikely.

Other Components?
Such as PSU? How old (assumed)??

Double check your cpu voltage on idle.
There is still a bug with the new ryzen 3000 cpu´s,
that cause high voltage 1.4V + at idle like loads.
Which is not really good for the cpu.


Relatively new PSU 500w.

So, I was printing via USB from Cura to an Ender 3 3D printer. It shut down 3 times, has to be less than 5 min. single digit loads. I’m on my 4th shutdown watching some youtube. the printer is unplugged, hasn’t shut down yet.

Can the USB or Cura do this?

I’m going out in a bit, I’ll leave it running with a looped video so I can be sure its still running.

If that is correct, is that weird?

So EVGA N1, maybe W1, I’d assume. Or is it an SL-500 for 20€ or so?
Pls look at the Maker and especially Model Number…
It might be the issue, might not be. I don’t know without knowing it.

That might be the Problem…

Only in Correlation with bad grounding or a shitty PSU.

UPDATE: This is crazy, I’ve run a video playing for 5 hours. no shutdown. Somehow printing via USB 2 to and Ender 3, It prints for a few minutes and the computer shuts off. I’ll see how this goes overnight.

Take the motherboard out of the case lay it on its box.
And do the same usb printing test.
If it still shuts down, then you might wanne chech the printers usb cable.
Or the said usb port you use.
If it does not shut down anymore, then its likely a contact issue with the case / backplate.

Sounds like Software problem. Either the board needs fixed/better bios from manufacturer (you might be running the latest bios, but might still need a fix.) or windows 10 is doing something totally silly.

I remember having that happening with fx series cpu’s while watching youtube. issue just disapeared one day and never occured anymore.
I’m pretty damn sure it’s something with software. because the hw didn’t change at all.

I wish you better luck.

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For now, I can 3D print via SD card., I am using the same printer cable and USB hub I used on my old PC for 8 months, So I don’t think its that.

  1. Somehow Cura does something via USB that crashes the computer?

  2. Like you said, the USB port, hub, cable

  3. the Arduino in the Ender 3 (very unlikely.

As long as it is working now. I’m in the first week of this new computer and this is the time to see if anything is going wrong.

Thanks for your input!

Not a solution, but the problem is with CURA not playing nice with AMD Ryzen.

I had the same problem with one of my 2700 builds it turned out to be the motherboard. It was an asus board.