Weird shit with my phone

First it ever happened to me but tonight I had to walk to my bus during ~18 min in -25°C and I entered the bus, wake up my phone at 50% battery, open Firefox and it closed on me. Try to restart, don't work. I let it some time in my pocket to warm up. At some point I suceed to open it and the battery is now at 1%. Sometime after it closes again, I put it back in my pocket and it reopen by itself 20 min after with 79%. Like wtf. Do you have any clue what happened?

either software glitch of malfunctioning battery

what is phone

Lithium batteries really don't like the cold!

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Nexus 6P. And i had never this experience in 3 years of owning a Nexus 5.

ya maybe it's the fact that the Nexus 6p is metal instead of my Nexus 5 before that was plastic, so better thermal conductivity aka the batteries didn't like that at all

this, I work in freezers a lot (-14F) and it doesn't take long for them to die if i leave them in my pockets

Sounds to me like the charging circuit on the battery is malfunctioning. I would try and get it replaced. That circuit also keeps track of the battery percentage so if It's not tracking well then it would jump randomly.

While it's true lipo batteries hate cold, it shouldn't malfunction that bad. Plenty of us in radio control fly planes and helis just fine in cold temps, with the only downfall being that battery life is shortened by a couple of minutes. That said, no idea what happened.

Mine behaved similarly. Usually it only happens when free wi-fi is available. All the apps want an update or an update to fix the last update.....not to mention the NSA CIA etc etc etc that want to download and upload stuff.
Mine is abused just by what I do

I think with the metal and glass components of a phone acting as a heatsink the battery is affected much more drastically