Weird scrool-wheel problem in firefox

Okay so.. I use the scrollwheel click to open new tabs [i]all the time[/i].

And now recently, in firefox (I think especially at Facebook), when I mousewheel click a link, it opens it in a new tab, and I am taken to that tab instantly. that is not supposed to happen, its supposed to just open, not take me there.

Also, if I have more tabs open and mousewheelclick a link, it doesnt take me to the one I wheel-clicked, but the one right next to the tab im currently at.

Weird as hell. I am mostly seeing this problem on facebook, It's not all the time, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. It's gotten worse now the past few days. Tried reinstalling firefox, no help there.

This does not occur in Chrome btw.

So I suspect



or my mouse (which scrollwheel I can feel is starting to get a bit tired of all my clicking) Mouse: Mionix Naos 5000

If any would know anything, spit it out. I refuse to use chrome permanently

Hmmm hold on

It happens when holding ctrl + left click, so it's not the mouse.

Must be something weird with firefox handling of facebook..

have you tried restarting your computer?


Stay. The. Fuck. Off. Facebook.



To add this:

It happens @ youtube aswell..


I would uninstall and reinstall ff if it were me. I imagine that will fix your issue unless you have a button thats sticking.

As stated in first post, I have uninstalled and installed ^^

apparently I cannot read.

Smooth-Demon said:


Stay. The. Fuck. Off. Facebook.

Stop trying to help people, you're just here to demotivate our site.

Back to Green the post-post; had you install the latest update for FF? I suspect it could be that. It didn't happened to mine. Try clearing some shit in the browser like cache, cookies and anything else you don't want. If that doesn't help, probably a browser bug.

Cleared cache and cookies now.. No results D: