Weird screen artifacts

Hello, i have an artifacts on screen when I run it on 74hz(overclock). Here’s example:
Is there any way to fix this?
Athlon x4 840
8GB ddr3
RX 580 4GB
OS: elementary

Thanks in advance

Lower your overclock

On Windows it works fine with 74hz, so I want to have it on Linux too. :cry::cry:

the difference wetween 60 and 74 makes so little difference to the way it looks. the difference between 73 and 74 would be completely unnoticeable.

You think changing it to 73 could solve this? I’ll try it later anyway 🤷

I have a good feeling. Anything past 74 is too high for it to display right? I’m assuming you’re right at the limit, so it stands to reason dialing it back a notch will help.

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I have a 75hz monitor and can confirm

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Ok thank you guys