Weird RTX 3070 TI performance

Related Specs:

CPU: R5 3600x

GPU: RTX 3070 ti


PSU: EVGA Supernova 750W G2

Resolution for games: 2560x1440

Hi guys! So I have an odd issue. My RTX 3070 ti (Gigabye Vision OC) is encountering weird frame drops in titles like Halo Infinite and Doom Eternal. It does not occur immediately and will often resolve itself after a minute or two. Changing settings to drop VRAM usage has no impact seemingly.

I attached an MSI afterburner graph while playing Halo Infinite, and the massive drop in power draw near the bottom of this image is when the issues began.

The next one is hwmonitor when the same thing happened the next game.

What I find odd is the CPU isn’t clocking down. The GPU clock and memory clock are good. And the utilization looks good. Just the power draw dropped. Maybe I’m being dumb and this is obvious. Any ideas?

In HWInfo or GPU-Z, there may be a field called “Throttle Reason” for the GPU. Maybe have a look at that.

What you can also attempt is to set the task-affinity (In task-manager under Details, rightclick → Set Affinity) so it does not use CPU0 and CPU1.

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Ill give that a shot

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@MazeFrame So this was the result in Cyberpunk 2077 ultra after a minute of decent frames:

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Guess who found a scorch mark on their GPUs PICe connector…

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Well, that would explain why the voltage droop on the PCIe-Slot (blue) is so much worse compared to the connectors (yellow and orange).

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