Weird problems

I don't actually know where to put this thread but I think it might have something to do with the gpu so here it goes. I have this problem it has only happened a few times as of right now but it just happened twice in one day so I am getting a little worried. what my computer does is I have to turn the display off after half an hour but never go to sleep but sometimes when I go to turn the display back on by pressing a key on the keyboard it doesn't come on and I also can't connect to a its vnc server I installed on it. I can then restart it by pressing the reset button and it works fine. A couple of the times it has happened was when I was downloading things overnight and the downloads acted as if they were stopped sometime in the night so I really don't know what it is and kind of want to know if it is seriousĀ or not.

It is a weird problem that I've seen on several systems over the years. Its annoying but I've never seen anything dire become of it. I had a 5870 some time ago that would do this.

Try changing the power settings so that the monitor never goes to sleep, just turn off the monitor manually if you're going away from it for awhile. Also check any power saving features on the monitor itself.

ok it doesn't sound too serious but I would hate having to turn my monitor on and off every time I use my computer. Do you know if there is a way to program a key on my k40 to tell the computer to not turn the display off because I really only need it to not have the problem when I am downloading things.