Weird mouse stutter while playing BF4

Hello all. I have had alot of.. frustrations over the months trying to get BF4 to run optimally. Be it stuttering, low fps, or now this "mouse stutter".


Currently low fps or stuttering isent much of a issue at all running with mantle in BF4 (DX11 is a different story with atrocious FPS and low gpu usage)


The issue now is this "mouse stutter", i dont know if that is the proper terminology but that descirbes it pretty nicely.


Randomly when im playing (usually when a big firefight is on screen and alot is happening) my aim "stutters", its like it misses a beat as i move, its almost like my aiming as if i were playing in 30fps (but im playing at a pretty constant 60 fps throughout).


My specs are on my profile but my mouse is a generic asus mouse that you would get in a prebuilt computer

Not something I've experienced myself, but try comparing with and without the raw mouse input turned on in the game settings. Moving the mouse to another USB port might also be worth a try.

Edit: Unless it's "simply" the bug that the game has always had with the Mantle renderer, where the whole game can stutter for a couple of times during each match for about a second each time. I'm at a tossup between running the game in Mantle mode or go back to DirectX despite the framerate hit in certain areas with high settings(Mesh in perticular). Ironically it doesn't seem like DICE will be able to code a problem free Mantle renderer for BF4.

So far i tested moving my mouse to another USB port, i moved it from the USB2 port it was in to one of the USB3 ports and from the few matches i played it seemed to make the mouse stutter less intense, it was still there but on a more minuscule levels compared to when it was in the USB2 port.

I had the same problem when I played, I never figured out how to fix it.

Almost there then at least. :-)

Yeah not quite all USB 2.0 devices are perfectly happy with running off a USB 3.0 port. Mice and especially gaming mice that tries to run signals as fast as possible are probably quite heavily optimised for the intricacies of the USB 2.0 interface. USB 3.0 controllers or perhaps specifically their drivers may not be quite 100.0% compatible with every trick there is.