Weird Mobo factor, need help identifying factor

This mobo is with those old dell business computers that are half height. intel core 2 dual E4500 (same product family as a q6600), it has the windows vista sticker on it its that old. I need the mobo factor. Heres a picture. The dimensions are ~9 x ~10.5

If you need help identifying some parts:
the io is toward the bottom,
ram sticks (4 of them) at the right kinda toward the top
cpu in the weird diagonal toward the top
pci express and pci at lower left

Flex ATX, or if it's dell it's probably just some crazy proprietary design

It might be Nano BTX.
It's a weirdass form factor that nobody uses outside of certain OEMs.

On an aside, BTX actually has a pretty nice setup in my opinion, air is a bit less impeded travelling from the front of the case to the back.

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Grab your tape measure

This might sound like the stupidest question and may be but whats the units?

magical bananas - or millimeters