Weird issues with triple monitor setup

So, not too recently got a triple monitor setup going, and I've been having some issues.

I don't always run in triple monitor surround, usually only when I'm playing certain games. Normal use, I have Netflix on the left hand monitor, which is hooked up to my single 970 via a DVI cable with a DVI to DP adapter. And I do general browsing on the other two monitors, both of which also use DVI cables.

The issue I am having, is that when I first open and start netflix on full screen, it runs fine, but after about 20 minutes, maybe longer, it just starts stuttering, but only when the mouse moves. The stuttering also occurs if not in full screen. I have checked all my drivers, and everything seems to be up to date, and I cannot find a solution other than to restart my browser. I find myself wondering if it could be a chrome problem, or something else I am missing.

I have checked the drivers under control panel, and there do appear to be two superfluous drivers, both listed as "HID-compliant mouse", their location is listed as "on Corsair composite virtual input device". I believe they might somehow be coming from my Cosair k65 keyboard.

I have no issues with stuttering in games or anything. I could really use some help with this, as it's starting to be really annoying. I thought I had solved it a few days ago when I downloaded a crapload of windows 64 bit system updates, along with the Razer software for my mouse, however the issue returned by the next day. I'd appreciate some help with this.

Have you uninstalled and wiped Chrome's stuff yet?

I wouldn't know what to uninstall or delete, or do you mean the whole of chrome itself?

I did uninstall the apparent two extra mouse drivers, seems to have made a bit of an improvement.

Time to run scans for scumware I'd say. I have experienced the same thing a long time ago and the solution was running everything that scans for nasties and let them do their thing. I don't use chrome, but a chrome based browser (Opera)

If you look deep into chrome's files, you'll see a 2.5-3.4 GB properties file. That's normally the issue with Chrome, as when you uninstall and reinstall it, it doesn't remove that file. If you give me about an hour I can get the file path for you.

I've got Trend Micro Maximum Security, subscription based. It runs multiple times daily, nothing detected.

Try and give this a run and They can sometimes pick up stuff other scanners doesn't.

I'll give that a try.

So. Malwarebytes found nothing, as I expected. Superantispyware on the otherhand found 363 tracking cookies I wasn't aware, those are gone now.

Nothing else detected thus far. I would like to find that chrome file though. The thought of 2-3 GB of my SSD being taken up by a useless file is irritating.

Did removing your impressive collection of tracking cookies do anything to help your problem?

Well, it doesn't seem to be happening again. Although netflix seems generally twitchy in general. I know if I down size one of my other windows and move it around on another monitor it makes netflix stutter.

I dunno, I think maybe netflix just sucks kinda...

Correction: It's still happening, just from moving the mouse.


I'm running 3 monitors in eyefinity, with no problems with netflix, or anything else. Perhaps it's an Nvidia issue? (shots fired!!)

Lol. It could very well be. Nvidia's "implementation" of triple monitor surround is absolute shit. Every time I switch back and forth between 3 monitors, and one big monitor (which is how Nvidia sees triple monitor surround, they call it "display spanning") I have to re-arrange the layout of my monitors in the Nvidia control center.

Why would I need to switch back and forth you ask? Because I don't want netflix to take up all three monitors on fullscreen, with the center monitor being the video, and the other two just black.

I run three monitors too but through two cards. I don't have this problem. But the switching between surround and other settings is dodgy. It turns off the screens, then they turn on at a low resolution, then it fixes their places to where I put them, then they turn off, then they turn on correctly. I am sure that could have been done more elegantly.

I now believe the issue is solely the result of chrome being terrible. As soon as I restart chrome, the issue goes away for about an hour.

Have you tried Firefox? If it works fine in Firefox or even IE you know for sure it's Chrome.

I am going to tomorrow. One thing that seems to bring it about without fail, is leaving netflix paused for any length of time. It also causes netflix to stutter in general, not just when my mouse moves.

Definitely going to try and switch back to firefox tomorrow. G'night all.