Weird issues with booting on gigabyte ax370 gaming 5

First of all, sorry for opening a new thread, but I couldn't find anything that i thought was truly appropriate for my question.

I have been having some weird issues with F4 and F5 BIOS on gigabyte ax370 gaming 5

My system is:

  • gigabyte ax370 gaming 5
  • ryzen 5 1600x
  • g.skill flare x 3200Mhz
  • gainward gtx 960 phantom
  • win10 64bit

I didn't overclock my CPU on this system at any point.

Now, both with F4 and F5 and also with XMP enabled and disabled, I've been getting some hangs when booting after powering up my computer. Two specific codes on debug LED were 62 ("installation of the PCH runtime services") and 94 ("PCI bud enumeration for detecting how many resources are requested"). These hangs never happened when i made a reset (from windows or hard reset on the reset switch). When the hang happened after powering up the computer, i'd just do the reset on reset switch and computer would boot normally. It wouldn't hang again until i powered down my computer and powered it up again.

The other day, i booted into BIOS (F5) and did the "load optimized defaults" and "save and exit", to see if the hangs would still happen. After loading optimized defaults and rebooting, the computer failed to boot, did a couple of re-boot cycles with three beeps insted of one when POST should have happened. Then it booted into windows again and i noticed that the BIOS reverted to F4. I updated the BIOS again to F5 and set XMP for my ram.

Now, after this, sometimes it boots normally from power-on and sometimes it hangs at debug code 62 until i hit the reset switch after which it boots normally 100% of the time. From reboot from windows it boots normally 100% of the time.

Does anyone have a clue what debug codes 62 and 94 might be related to any why the heck the F5 BIOS crashed in the situation i described? The whole behaviour seems extremely random.

Thanks in advance.


Try the beta BIOS and see if that fixes your trouble.

I also had almost the exact same trouble with F5 and F4. Only I wasn't around when it downgraded to F4, so I can not confirm that it was exactly the same.. anywhoo....been running F6d, and knock on wood no trouble so far.

Edit 2:
Also try to set SOC voltages and such. I don't remeber who made the video, but it's from that same MSI event that Wendell went to. Some AMD wizard goes over all the basics for overclocking/making ram stable.


i have still a similar issue but with bios F8. It was also the same problem with F5. My System is:

  • aorus gamig 5 x370
  • amd ryzen 7 1700
  • 2 x 16GB RAM G.Skill Trident Z 3200 RAM

what happens:
whatever i do, exept to the standard/optimal settings of the BIOS, the PC looses the bios after shuting down. When I start the pc after a shutdown, it has lost bios settings, does something like testing and restarts in the backup bios, but i can not use the backup bios because mouse and keyboard does not work anymore and it shows: " BIOS has been reset. please re-config your bios setup items if needet". If I start in main Bios, i can enter Bios and reset everything - Then I flash the bbios again. I really dont understand, why it crosses somehow the bios and bricks the bbios, when i worked on the main bios. It is the same issue retrovers - meaning, when I work on backupbios and shut it down, it bricks the mainbios and starts in that. I manually have to choose the other bios and than I can enter the bios.

If I reboot or reset in the process to find best overclocking parameters it always starts without any Problem. So there must be an issue with shutting down. or Loosing Power or somethink like this.

I thought, that the problem could be a cmos or battery or powersupply problem?
Any suggestions?
Thanks for your help,

I’ve been having this same problem since day one.
Recently updated the study and went to power on and it wouldn’t even boot. Eventually got it to boot and had reverted to f5 from f8. Weird fault!!

I have the same problem here, and my system is identical
aorus gaming 5 x370
amd ryzen 7 1700
2 x 16GB RAM G.Skill Trident Z 3200mhz

Same fcking problem, i wont never bought a Gigabyte Mobo Again, not even my Asus Prime B350M give me this shitty problems

2 month necro. If you need help, make a thread asking for help.