Weird graphical glitches

ok i just build my new computer and playing some games and this graphical glitch has happend on i belive 3 games. most of the time it looks like banners or boxes going all thoruoght the screen intel i get away from it than its fine. best way i can describe it is like a banner or a ribbon going in all derections in league of legends in crysis 3 when i killed an alian a beam went strait up in the air and in saints row the 3 it was like a giant box that was all fuzzy. just wondering if anyone can help me because im affraid it is my graphics card.

Have you overclocked the graphics card?

Have you overcked anything?

no i have not i am at bone stock it is a asus matrix 7970. also i have done no mods on any games

no i have not overclocked my 8350. i am wainting to get a swiftech h220.

try your colour managment settings got to "start ,searchbar,the colour management" check your profiles and change your default one to SRGB"

I've had a faulty HD 3850 before, it was a factory overclocked HIS "turbo" version, 725/950 MHz on cores/memory. It artifacted as soon as  installing any driver in any OS. The problem was most likely a factory faulty GPU or memory, as after installing rivatuner and underclocking with just 10Mhz less, (710/940 or 710/950 worked fine) it didn't artifact at all. The symptoms you describe (artifacting) were present  in all games and programs, even in a 2d windows environment. The only solution to your problem is either RMA (best), or try to underclock little by little and post results after.

it looks like it is already srgb.....

i was afraid i might have to do that. it only does it sometimes and most of the time if i get out of the area it stops. also it is only on games and not on programs or videos 

YEah recently my GPU has been doing the same thing in games and it got bad enough to were it started artifacting in Windows it self and crashing. I'm currently waiting to have it replaced, because of the warranty!

Raise the GPU voltage slightly before doing anything else. Also what kinda power supply are you running in that system?

Matrix 7970... would be odd for one of these cherry picked cards to be failiing already. My money is on something else.

Do usual memtest so forth before you go rma'ing it. Plus as the above comment stated about your psu. What brand and model is it? If it doesnt meet the 12v amp requirement then you're bound to have graphical issues. 

thanks mate but dont really feel comfortable messing with voltage. and ive got a 500w gold certified oCZ power supply. 

Raising the voltage just 0.010v can drastically help in most situations and it's not a massive increase in heat load. I would try that before applying for an RMA. That GPU was ment to be overclocked as it is a "high perfomance" edition GPU card and has a much higher clock rate than a stock HD 7970. I don't understand why you aren't willing to change the voltage on that GPU even just by a small percentage.