Weird drop frame issue

hi guys so i have an asus strix 1080 run in a system with a 6850k. Now my gpu does have coil whine which i can hear when drop frames occur (lack of better discription) The rendering stutters. I hope you can see it in the video it happens at 24secs. This happens regardless of overclock etc. I cannot work out what happens to cause it. any help would be appreciated

Hey. Do I talk to the primary or secondary bios? Since you are, you know, dual bios… Ok, bad joke, nevermind…
Do you use SSD or mechanical hard drive?
Do you have any other issues with that system?
Since when is the issue present? Was it always there or is it something new?
PS: followup question: what PSU do you have and how old is it?

so nvme boot drive and ssd game drive have 32gb ram power supply is a 1050watt corsair it is about 5 years old the system has done this since day one. Im waiting on getting a new nvme drive to do a clean install of windows. The only other issue i have had in the past is the stupid asus gpu tweak caused issues pissed that off really quick