Weird computer problem

I'm having this weird problem with my computer lately, but i can't figure it out for the life of me. I get up to make food or whatnot, and come back to find that my computer has completely locked up. Can't move the mouse, Ctrl Alt Delete does not work. it just is completely stuck. The only to fix it is to do a hard shutdown. After turning it back on it is fine. I looked through the windows error logs and there is nothing before or after the lockup happened.I am using WIndows 10 64bit

Could be an issue with sleep or hibernate modes. Check them out and maybe disable them. Do the usual registry and such fixes. Perhaps repair your OS install too, never hurts to try.

i turned off sleep mode and it says all my hardware is fine
maybe it's a windows 10 bug? What is weird that it happens at random, for no reason that i can find

If you have a Skylake CPU, I don't see your specs anywhere, I think there is a known bug.

Perhaps try reseating your hardware, Windows really dislikes stuff being half plugged or even slightly loose. Something like this you are gonna just have to plug all the troubleshooting steps one at a time. I'd remove any overclocks if any as well.

Your drives do not like sleeping. Go into the power saving settings and disable the disks shutdown timer and I think everything will be fixed.

I have an all amd system. Also i do have the auto drive shutdown set to off

Load a virtual DVD or USB drive with a Linux distro (I suggest Mint) and see if the same issue keep popping up. If not I think you might have a problem with your drives. I really can't think of anything else that might cause the issue at the moment.