Weird Bug With Steam?

Okay, so I have multiple drives with my current desktop, one drive I have practically all of my games installed on. However, Steam isn’t picking up that the games are installed, but put that aside, the folder structure seems f**ked up…

So it’s somehow gone like this:

Drive:-> Games -> Steam -> steamapps.

Inside steamapps, we have common which is normal to my knowledge. However, there’s another steamapps folder inside that folder, which contains another common folder.

Both common folders appear to have games in, some games are in both common folders?

Any idea what the hell has gone wrong there? :joy:

No idea. Have you tried moving all the games into one folder?

Yeah just combine both common folders and then in steam reinstall any games that aren’t detected to the new location, they will all sort themselves out after that.

Not yet, purely because I have like north of 500 GB worth and I can imagine it would take some time! :joy:
But thank you for the suggestion, I have no idea how that happened, I can only assume that something went weird after an update or something… Who knows…

Couldn’t I also add the new folder to my library?

I always just go to install one of the games I know I have and point it to the folder and it usually picks them all up then.

Yeah that will work too.

If I had to guess I’d say what happened was when you installed a game at some point you accidentally created a new steam folder inside the original and just didn’t notice until steam forgot where your games were.

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Go to Steam>Settings>Downloads>Steam library folders.

Remove all of them.

Move all games from
Drive:-> Games -> Steam -> steamapps -> common -> steamapps -> common
Drive:-> Games -> Steam -> steamapps -> common

Then re-add your library folders.