Weird Boot Options. Need help fixing!

A little back story: A while back I had install Windows 7 on my PC on my 1TB HDD. All was good but I was getting tired of Windows 7. I decided to make the switch to Windows 8, but instead of installing it onto my 1TB HDD, i'd install it onto my 120GB Kingstone SSD. Thats where the shit hit the fan. Once I installed Windows 8 onto my SSD and I would attempt to boot from the ssd, it would say there are no partitions on the drive. So I tried to reinstalll Windows 8 again on my ssd, and I noticed that there was some storage space taken up. It seemed like Windows 8 did install, it just wouldn't let me run it for whatever reason. Then I installed Windows 8 again, and the same problem occured, so I tried booting to my 1TB HDD. Windows 8 loaded up, gave me 2 options: Boot from Volume 1 windows 8, or Volume 3 Windows 8. I chose volume 3, and it would bring me to Windows 7. Then I turned off my pc and chose volume 1. It would bring me to my SSD. Windows 8 and all of its files are on my SSD, but if my 1TB isn't plugged in, I can't boot to the SSD.

In short, how do I fix it so that the Windows 8 boot partition is ONLY on my SSD, so I wont need my 1TB to be plugged in. Preferably, Id like to keep my Windows 7 and 8 partitions alive and well, but on seperate drives. If that's possible, can someone please help me? :D

Windows is notorious for installing the MBR onto a single drive in a multi-drive setup. To avoid it, it's easiest to just unplug the drives that you don't want to mess with, you can then later select the boot disk in the bios rather than in windows MBR.

As for a fix, you can run the classic bootrec /fixmbr in the recovery of each operating system separately. Be sure to unplug either drive that you don't want to mess with while you do this. A good guide for doing this can be found here.

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