Weird boot issue on a Asus Rampage 4 Extreme

Hello :slight_smile:
I know, i know, This is a tech enthusiast forum, and i’m asking question about my 2011-v1 socket motherboard, but what can i say… never found the need to upgrade until now.

I am having a weird issue since i boot from sata port. i had it for a years now because i was booting on my pci ssd (asus raidr) before that.
I can boot from my sata port just fine from a cold boot. but if i reboot the system, the bios itself don’t catch the sata ssd :thinking:
when i go the the sata information everything is empty.

This question is for 2 type of peoples; Those who had that board, did you had this issue ? is there a weird setting i didn’t found ? And those how know a lot about system power state. What could be the difference between a cold boot and a reset when it come to device detection ? (fast-boot is disable)

There… it’s been a years i wanted to make a post, always pushing it because ‘who care about a board that old!’. So i will see if any can help :slight_smile:

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Enthusiast means beeing passionate about something, not throwing out money on the newest snakeoil drenched whatever.

I think @psycho_666 has issues with his SSD aswell?
And I recently had my notebook forget where its Sata M.2 lives. Will keep my eyes open for hints.


I really don’t think it’s the SSD…

Try different Sata port. Try different Sata cable…


Try a different SATA port as psycho said. Is their another SATA controller on the board? If so, attach the SSD to the SATA port that belongs to the Intel controller. If their is a setting named something along the lines of “enable SATA hotplug” turn that on.

Also see if in the BIOS if SATA is set to AHCI, if not try setting it to that. Does the board have “Intel Rapid Start Technology”? If so, disable that.

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^^^^^ This. I used to main X58 because I love the platform, but I needed a bit more perf and got a great deal on an X99 mobo so I’ve hopped to that for my main rig. Sadly I skipped X79 but I do want to pick up a CPU/mobo combo for that at some point. I really love the X chipsets for some reason, main those because they’re just fun (heck, I downgraded from a 2700X on a CH7 to an X5675 on a Rampage III Formula because it was just more fun to work with). Enthusiast doesn’t always mean the latest and greatest, unless you’re a “best performance possible” kind of guy. If you just love a platform and have no real reason to move, you’re every bit as enthusiast as the guy with two Titan RTXs and the guy who still runs PowerPC Macs, lol.

Also back on the help topic, like @Goalkeeper said, trying a different SATA port would be the best idea, as well as making sure it’s on ACHI (my X58 mobos always default to IDE if the BIOS is reset, IDK if its the same for X79). Also another thing from X58, most boards used Marvell controllers for SATA 3 and they were pretty hot garbage. If X79 boards still used those, that could be an issue.

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Might be a BIOS thing, maybe update?

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Sooooooo … how to say this without looking to dumb …

I was already on the latest version, who is very very old

I did it just in case, but nop … and i had the issue with 2 ssd

Yup that was ok

I think it has it from windows soft i had to install, but didn’t find anything in the bios about it, so maybe i’m maybe wrong

Done it without any change.

Yes there is a weird one, don’t even know the name, but i have 4 sata6 port end 4 sata3 port, i chosen the first 2 sata6 so i must be good right … (here it come)

FUUUUUU overconfidence in far away memory !
the 2 first port, the one i have always thought to be direct … where labeled sata6_e1 and sata6_e2. The ONLY 2 port on the unknown controler on the south-bridge :sob:
Apparently i needed 3 people saying the same, first level of debug, basic thing to try more than 2 sata port.

So yea, it work now … :tada: i guess :slight_smile:
i do want to know why the external controller isn’t initialize at boot, but this is now another investigation, and no-longer something who old me back :smiley:

Thanks all ! I’ll try to keep that board until the next big hardware change (pcie4 and ddr5 i guess) !


Teamwork makes the dream work.


You will be surprised how often the issue is super stupid simple…
Glad it works now :slight_smile:


^^^ On the first rig I built fully by myself I forgot to plug in the CPU power, and I’ve done that a good few times since :rofl:. Stupidly simple issues seem to arise pretty often when messing around with PCs.


I’m buying R9 270X back in 2014. I have the right to open and test…
I’m turning on - doesn’t work…
I re-seat the GPU… On - doesn’t work…
I replug the monitor cables - doesn’t work…
5 minutes later, the guy says “You need to either buy or return, cause I need to go”.
Me - it doesn’t work…
Guy - plug the PCI-e power cables and try again…


being a bit shy irl, i would have run in the nearest hidden corner :blush:
I always have been lucky when it come to debug … or to be more honest, my mistake always caused unmissable stuff… like that time i was missing one of the plug on a 2din reservoir … why wouldn’t it fill :thinking: mystery :rofl:


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