Weird ASRock BIOS statement

Specifics have not been released but in general AMD have said that it will be a one way flash because it will remove entries for CPUs before Zen3.


In my case I want to now what has been removed by ASRock to determine whether or not the newest BIOS will be safe for my use-case.

@Zibob But this statement relates to the new versions to come, not the current BIOSes.

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I mean, it probably isn’t without one of the newer CPUs. ASRock has that note even for Ryzen 3000.

Any specific reason you want a newer BIOS?

Yeah, it sure is not without the newer CPUs, otherwise there wouldn’t be a point in the newer BIOSes (from the recommendations perspective).

Well, the newer BIOS also has the new AGESA which also has improvements for Ryzen 1/2 (e.g. boot time improvements), which would be a nice to have in my opinion.

Well one way to figure that out right?
I mean honestly i don’t really expect much from Asrock,
in regards to well documenting the things that have been changed with,
each and every bios update.
So the only way to find out, is to actually try it out.
But it’s always a gamble.

Still, yeah if you trully experiencing issues with your current bios.
Then you have a reason to update it.
But if you system works perfectly stable, then there is basically not really a reason,
to update the bios.
Because like with every firmware / software update, there will always be new bugs exposed in general.
And yeah knowing Asrock not being the best and fastest in regards to fixing bios bugs.
It might not actually being worth it, for those few ms faster boot times.
Only if you really experience stability problems with your current bios.
Then sure go ahead and try.

In regards to the bios that will add support for the new upcoming Ryzen cpu’s,
that will be a one way flash like other already stated above.
So that is not recommended, unless you want to upgrade the cpu.

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Never understood why boot time is important… So, for me that isn’t a valid reason to change something on a system that works. To be honest, hardly anything is.

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Yeah, I know that.

Well, I don’t want to beta test a BIOS and usually, I wait a couple of months before installing it. However, I do like updates in general and if an update improves something, even if it’s negligible like boot times, I will still install it in the long run. I also tend to install new graphic card drivers, if the performance of a game I’m currently playing is improved or if it has a new feature that I want.

That being said, I certainly won’t try a new BIOS that has not been sufficiently tested and where some things have been removed.

Thanks for your input again :slight_smile:

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