Weird 6700k overclocking

im fairly new to overclocking but was able to overclock my 3570k fairly easily. now with my new 6700k i have been having some strange problems. first thing i notice is, i have it set to 4.4ghz but task manager shows it going up to only 4.36ghz. another problem i am having is with voltages. it seems to be spiking up to 1.41 v even though i havnt touched the voltages at all, is this normal? good their be an issue with my motherboard?

CPU:i7 6700k
MOBO: ASUS maximus viii hero
RAM: Corsair vengeance DDR4 3000mhz

I would advise against:

  1. leaving such things as voltage in the BIOS @ AUTO when overclocking
  2. using any software to overclock.

Overclock the right way in the BIOS and in small increments, follow a guide if unsure and be patient. Learning what parameters your cpu likes (as they're are unique) is half the fun. Keep a close eye on temps and your cooling & conduct thorough stress testing.

Decent enough guide to follow

i am not using software to overclock, and just havnt touched the voltage then from auto, but i didnt change that with my 3570k and had no problems. it seems the motherboard is changing bus speed and voltages as well as not giving the multiplier i set. idk thinking maybe there is a problem with the MOBO.

The bios sets the vcore up when you start overclocking with multipliers, try to set the vcore yourself and not on auto.
1.4 is way too high for a 6700k.

i wanted the voltage to be dynamic and lower when my pc is idle. also does anyone have any ideas why the clock is only going up to 4.36ghz instead of 4.4ghz?

Voltage offset is your choice then.
See what your default load voltage is first, everything stock.

the 4.36ghz is because your baseclock varies somewhat, its probably just under 100mhz.

Bclk @ 99. something?