Weekly Question #7: What Anti-Virus Do You Use?

Avast Hands Down!

trend micro titanium, plus malwarebytes just for scanning....

Yup, Avast is awesome, and it's freakin' light. Would even install it on my Mint KDE desktop if not for the fact that Linux is so safe. 

EDIT: Plus the fact that( for the basic software) it's freakin' free.( For basic, it's still pretty awesome. Those pop-ups can get annoying though)

I had a trial version of Titanium on my laptop when I first bought it. Thought it was bloatware. I read, though, that there are a lot of negative reviews about it though.

I've had bitdefender for the last 3/4 years now and havent really had any problems with it

Free AVG, its done its job so far.

Yea same here, ive always used it!

2013, is jsut simple and not in yourface xd

love it!

norton internet secruity 2013, it is not too intrusive and it works.

BitDefender is good, and romanian.
I've had Norton Systemworks 2001 in the past, and currently I don't use an antivirus at all. I don't download infected files or visit suspicious sites, or network with a computer or use removable media that is infected. You can always reinstall, it's much better for the whole system to boot faster and not waste memory and cpu time and whenever there's a problem reinstall, what's the big deal.

If you don't know what you're doing then you do need an antivirus to protect your computer.

It is not me I am worried about, it my friends that email me.

I've been using security essentials for a couple years. Love it.

While windows firewall is piss poor. microsoft security essentials is decent. I use it on my desktop.

I am also on two routers sometimes (i know, ew), D-Link, acting as firewall.

None. Been fine for a few years, why not keep the tradition?

it's pretty good, saved my ass a few times.... used it since '08



I was using NOD32 from 2008-2012, now I've got kaspersky and I don't have any problems with it.

  I was using AVG purchase version for a couple of years but recently went to Security Essentials and so far no problems, and again, router and splitters in play. The websites I tend to go to are already pretty secure from garbage and I never download anything I am not 100% comfortable with.

wow you could not be more wrong, you need an antivirus if you are connected to the internet,safe surfing and cautious networking and being careful with what removable media you use just does not cut and has not for years. as for your system booting analogy, what kind of pc are you using? was it made in the stone age? cause if not your pc boot time will be hardly affected by a decent antivirus program. and if you honestly think that reinstalling windows will work 100% of the time, you are also wrong as there are viruses and malware that will target your bios or get to it eventually. then you have too replace your motherboard, so have fun when that happens.

and "If you don't know what you're doing then you do need an antivirus to protect your computer" is just an insult,also what qualifies you too say that? iv known plenty of IT specialists in multiple different fields and they all use an antivirus at the minimum. 

I've got kaspersky never had any issues , I also informed a lot of people about it they made the change & have found it excellent 

I use Kaspersky Lab, MalwareBytes, and Bit Defender.

I use avast free antivirus