Weekend Project: Baby's first NAS

Heya, this WE I’m going to build a nas/server for future projects using old desktop hardware and a few sprinkles of new hardware. There’s going to be different size/make drives, zero experience and all the mac guyvering you could wish for. Stick around :slight_smile:

MSI Z77A GD65 || Asus PBH67-M LE

Intel 3570K || Intel 2600


2 x WD Blue 4tb [new]
2 x WD Black 1.5tb [2067days running]

1 x Kingston A400 250gb [new-ish]
1 x Cruicial BX500 250gb [new]

It may not quite be enterprise gear but it sure will be a server when it’s all grown up. Next month I’ll add a second parity drive and some data drives but first we’ll have to build something better than this:


Congrats on the accomplishment and good luck! I hope it gets to have many birthdays


Not finished yet but so far I’m quite happy with my new toy. Having a plex server is neat and blocking ads on a dns level too… but most importantly, this week I’ll add some more disks, one parity and data each; that’ll be the best data protection i’ll have used in years lol (apart from online repos)
oh… git server, yes. that’ll be next


Nice amount of data. :wink:

Do you have a plan for a disaster?

  • Can you afford to lose this data. Deleting, encrypting, disk damage. Do you have a backup copy of everything important. Are the disks encrypted in the event of physical theft.

  • Are the data on the server safe in the event of an online leak. Are important files encrypted at all times. What will happen to important files if the server is compromised and the attacker takes over root.


I was just thinking how needed more anxiety in my life… :stuck_out_tongue:
Those are some good points tho, thx.

I also finally had a nice idea for a naming scheme: Star Trek.
My little unraid box will be the federation, the first windows 10 VM i set up was the ferengi, hehe

edit: plex is risa

It is better to scratch your head today and think over everything calmly than biting your nails when the S hits the fan. Imho. :wink:

How much do you plan to have usable space in total on the server? More than 10TB?

Yeah about 20 once everything is in place but that’ll take some time. Why do you ask?

I could easily get more space on the cheap by buying 10tb usb backup drives with wd drives but i’d rather add more drives at 4tb, seems to be small enough for a quick-ish rebuild where double parity is enough.

Out of curiosity, with the intention of adding a second server as a second source for backup in case of disaster. :wink:
But the more TB, the more $. If you ever win a lottery then you can think of 2x Odroid HC2 and 12 / 14TB HDD or a large cloud. :wink:

Oh, i’ve actually looked at these because I was considering a san setup but for tiny backup servers they might be perfect.

Before that: Today I’ll add another VM, this time a Render- /build-node, so I can do things like render 3d scenes with this server in the mix, build unity projects on it rather than my desktop… maybe some distributed rendering in worldMachine, we’ll see, would need way more ram for that :slight_smile:

edit: glusterFS, that’s the thing i was looking at. took me a second to remember the name lol

They are cool. I put some HC2 as a spare NAS for some clients and sometimes even the main NAS. I have HC1 at home and it works very well for what they are intended for.
Some even built glusterFS


oh that’s gotta be the cutest server closet i’ve seen

Update time, I got myself some backplane cages for my dear old case. One Icy Dock ExpressCage for 6x2.5" and one of the same series for 5x3.5"… and two more drives, ironwolves this time. I’m curious which will fail first :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m totally in love with the 2.5" drive cage, it’s absolutely adorable. If i ignore the price difference, making an array of 2.5" drives would get more space per m². Maybe a little itx backup server in a Supermicro SuperChassis 721TQ-250B…

The price of those cages tho… that surprised me a little thb

Now it’s all assembled and you immediately know which part is the consumer product…

The 3.5" drive cage sure sounds like server lol

Had to convince the case a little to get it in but now it fits:

The temps are about 4°c better than mounted behind a 120mm case intake fan.

For my next project i think i’ll stick to 2.5" drives.