Websites that block VPN

I have Private Internet Access. The uptime on the VPN is really good and I rarely turn it off on my desktop. However, some webasites must block VPN protocols or something as when I visit it the page either won't load or I get some brief explanation that I need to turn off my VPN. Example is Netflix. Any way around this?

Can you give a different example?

Have you tried a different VPN endpoint? If so, your VPN provider has obviously been identified by NetFlix as a VPN provider. That's NetFlix's job as they have a requirement as a content provider to ensure their content is region locked. It's a bunch of balkanized copyright bullshit, but it's critical to maintaining relationships with the copyright holders.

I never turn off my ad blocker. Sites like Forbes refuse to let me look at their site unless I disable it. I refuse to disable it, and as such, I don't visit Forbes. Fuck them. They want to play hardball, they can eat a dick. They can block themselves out of relevance.

You're going to have to make a decision about the sites that block your VPN. You can disable your VPN, you can not use their site, or you can find a different VPN provider that they haven't figured out yet.


It's funny really. Amazon prime video is a great example. VPN set to FL server. Try to watch a video and it says im out of the country lol. I live in USA btw.

Same goes for my banks website. Try to log in web banking, the page gives me a blurb about not being able to connect. Turn off VPN works fine. Papa John's online delivery is same. Any one else with PIA found a way around this?

Did you allow location sharing in your browser settings?
'website x wants to know your location'


I never disabled the dialog or anything but on my box at home I never click allow.

I clear my cookies daily, too.

Websites aren't blocking VPN protocols, they don't know your using a VPN, they just get HTTP and HTTPS requests.

What is happening is that providers like Netflix and Amazon have black listed IP and subnets of IPs. I know sometimes they block entire ASNs (Network identifiers).

Whats happening is that Netflix and others have figured out that they can safely block most traffic that comes to them from data centers or non last mile providers. So when you use a VPN to connect to Netflix and your traffic(to netflix) comes from AWS (where the VPS with the VPN endpoint is hosted) Netflix takes a hard look to see if they think you are using a VPN.

I think you see the message that says this video is not available in your country because that sthe only error they have. They don't have one for, your using a vpn and we don't like that.

Not really a way around this, more like try a different endpoint with PIA

This makes the most sense. Use a different end point with PIA...I guess you mean change the server and see what happens (I.E. Use New York server instead of Florida) Thanks for replying this my post!

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