Website Server build

I've build gaming and workstations PC's before but never a sever let alone a website server. So I don't know if I need beefy hardware or can use the 775 socket hp workstation hanging up on my wall. So what would I need to spend the most money on to get the best performance out of my website. Is it more CPU intensive or Ram intensive?

It's all a mater of what you plan on hosting. How much traffic do you expect to have? What kind of website? Will it be script heavy? etc...

This will do you well, and have room for expansion, and its on sale

What kind of internet connection will it have?

If you've got a machine that's available, try using that first. If the pages are serving static content, you can get a lot out of nothing. (A raspberry Pi with Apache tuned properly will serve upwards of 450 requests per second).

When you start building pages dynamically, then it puts larger strain on the system. Dynamic content obviously takes more processing power and memory. Increased disk access maybe applicable if you are not RAM caching a database. Then a beefier machine maybe optimal.

If you have a socket 775 machine at worst I presume its a P4. Which should be fine, try it out and if it doesn't appear to be adequate, come back and we will talk about other possibilities.

I don't expect to get to much traffic yet, I don;t know how im going to do this yet but if raspberry pi can do it, il be fine.