Website - Opinions!

Hello there, 

I have recently finished this site I am about to show you most images ect are place holders but I am looking to sell it off as a template either to one person for a decent price or for mass distribution for cheap. The question is what do you guys think, is it good enough? Also it is very simple and it in pure html & css and well I knid of love it's simplicity. Anyway it is a small portfolio type site with 3 pages: home, portfolio & contact. 


It is currently hosted of my domain for the simple reason of viewing and feedback let me know what you think please and what you think a good price might be for this one! 


This isn't something I'm very experienced but I really love things with a minimalistic design. So this falls right into that category. It's very responsive as far as how fast things load etc.

All I'm saying is I really like it. :)

I like it. It's really nice. If you're going to sell this off as a template I almost gaurantee you that if you want at least one person to buy it you have to make it responsive. I would recommend porting this over to the bootstrap framwork. It's super easy, I learned how to work with bootstrap in a day. The documentation is awesome. Tek Syndicate also uses bootstrap btw ;)

Thanks guys I am glad you like it and you are correct really Ferman, but I really like the really simplistic html and css of it that lacks the interactivity, I am not sure. I hope I find a buyer like that if not then see what I can do really dude, thanks for the feedback and advice. 

I like the style you have there. I know things are placeholders as you said, however some tips on wording: 

"Why Me?"

sounds unprofessional. Say Why Us? or why QWERTY asd?

make it sound like there's more than just you working on projects. 

on design note. javascript rollovers for modules such as items in your portfolio that slide away or something could add a dynamic element to the site. make it more interactive.


good looking site overall.