Website marketing



recently i got this question from my brother and i couldn't give him a propper answer.

the question was. what makes a good website and how do u generate traffic as fast as possible.

so how does one generate traffic fast? how would someone go about it?

and yes i considered google ad etc... and facebook ads. but that can't be all for getting the word out, no?


anyone have any experience with this?

Mainly luck. A little bit of awesomeness but mainly luck; if you have no traffic in the first place no one will really see your site. It's kind of like youtube; there are millions there but nobody get's seen by the millions.

Usually if its a quality website that a certain group of people like, they will naturally share the website. The word of mouth is still very strong. Look at minecraft.

it has to appeal a crowd and if its content is good and so is the style of the website and simplicity. word will get out and there let nature take its course.