Website for church

So a local church asked me to make them a new website. I gladly accepted to make them a website, but I have no idea how much I should charge for it. The site will be about the size of a site for a small/medium bussiness. I will use wordpress for this, as they want to be able to add posts and edit different notices on the site when they should be available, should I even use Wordpress for this, or is it overkill? If you have some more general tips & tricks, I would like to hear them.

They also need a new hosting service. Should I go with shared hosting or set up a VPS for them from a reliable hosting company? (which ones do you recommend?)

Thank you in advance!

Check out squarespace? Easy, painless and church-friendly budget. Not as customizable as a lot of things, but also no headache of updating wordpress or whatever. Probably the Church doesn't have a lot of money, and doesn't want to spend a lot. The fairest thing you can do is charge them for your time, whatever that's worth.. 

discount code teksyndicate lol for squarespace.

Check it out. It's probably a good fit for their needs. Get some good content/photography together. That part will take a while.


+1 Square space is a hell of a lot easier than teaching somebody how to use Wordpress.

Weebly is also a decent option but 99% of the time SquareSpace will be better. Just depends on exactly what you wanna do

Put some 666's into the urls.