Website dilemma

I'll make this short.

I'm launching an international dating site. I'm having it built from scratch with php, css, html. I've been told wordpress is not optimal when you start writing in third party plugins such as video chat etc, plus assuming it grows will be a large database.

The website is encrypted but I don't think that covers anything when it comes to handling money so I have to find something for that.

I'm no lawyer but I'm sure there are laws applicable.

I had every intention of doing this myself to save money using WordPress and plugins but I'm starting to find out that I'm in way over my head. But before I go off spending between $650 - $4,000(outsourced) I wondered if anyone had any advice.

I've been told not to use Wordpress and things like WordPress because it is not optimized for large operations such as this. Which I can understand but is it true?

Yeah, use Ecwid.

I'll look into this, Thank you.