Webcam software

Can anyone recommend me software that's free and will allow me to remote to my home PC to view and hear webcam stream to my Android phone?  I want the ability to manually turn on and off the webcam and tell it to record and when to stop recording.  So far everything either requires a monthly fee or just does video only. 

I use Windows on my HTPC, but one day I plan to switch to Linux.  So if there's software that works on both Windows and Linux that would make things easier in the future. 

I found software that sorta works.  It's called Open Broadcaster software with OBS remote plugin, and app for Android.  Works the way I want it too, even though it was made for game streaming, but you can just stream webcam footage and it records it to a flv file with audio.  With their app I can start and stop the recording, but I can't view it on my phone. 

I have no idea how to stream directly to a device rather than using Twitch.  I've heard of Red5 but can't find it anyway.  Twitch's Android app won't let you view it unless it's the 750 most popular Streams.  I don't even want twich for this, but that's all I have setup for the moment. 

If anyone has a solution for this please let me know.