Webcam alternatives to Logitech

Hello everyone! I’ve been looking for a good webcam for a while and I’ve been fighting Logitech to even get a working unit from them, let alone some decent support (stopping the rant here, ask for further details).

So now I’m so fed up that I don’t want to try again with the risk of having to send another one back and get blacklisted by Amazon (over exaggeration of a true fear).
What I’m facing now is the inability to find another manufacturer that makes a good webcam. Do you know of a brand or a specific model that might be on par with a C920 when it comes to video quality and have same or better audio?
Unfortunately I can’t set up a cheap camera with a capture card + microphone so I’m forced to rely on a single device that does all. Also internet connections usually destroy audio and video quality anyway so a webcam will do.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

There are other sellers then amazon.

Thanks for the swift answer. I should’ve add that I’m in the EU so I don’t have access to all the retailers the US have access to.

If you can find one, I really like the picture and audio quality of the Microsoft Studio line of webcams (Studio Pro, Studio for Business, etc)


Would still go to different retailer, Amazon has isssues with stocking 3rd party stuff with theirs so you get issues of fakes mixed in with their stock. Other retailers shouldnt have that issue.

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