Web Hosting


I am trying to help my friend find a good web hosting service, cheap (as cheap as you can get it), and heard of only the following:

  • GoDaddy
  • 1and1 (super cheap and heard some good stuff)
  • HostGator
  • Webhostingpad
  • Hostmetro

Looking at some of the other options besides GoDaddy, they seem to offer a bit more at a cheaper price but I have no idea about their reliability/etc. I had dealings with GoDaddy and I know they have their problems but I always could contact them and get support. I can't be sure of that for anything else, so I am reluctant to refer them to my friend.

He wants to host a forum (he doesn't expect it to get insanely large so there is that) without breaking the bank each month that supports protecting his personal information (with GoDaddy doesn't do without a lot of extra money).

Do you guys have any thoughts on the above, or alternatives to suggest? I'd appreciate any of your help guys. :)



I use BlueHost and have had good experience with them. Whatever you do DO NOT USE DOMAIN.COM they are AWFUL, dealt with them for 2 months and then switched to BlueHost.


I have never heard of squarespace. How is their pricing and privacy? I'd check the pricing and features myself but I can't seem to navigate the website to find it.


I heard of Domain.com and all their horror stories! lol Thank you for the suggestion, I'll look at the website now. :)

  • GoDaddy (OVER LOADED and Crap support)
  • 1and1 (Can be ok, but not great)
  • HostGator (junk)
  • Webhostingpad (never used)
  • Hostmetro (never used)
  • squarespace.com (Do this is you don't have plans to use some web site specfic application. IE wordpress/durpal) 

Hello Xcomm,

My friend doesn't plan to host a wordpress or durpal, just a forum using software like Simple Machines Forums, Phpbb or something along those lines with his younger brother. Could you help me with the squarespace pricing? I can't seem to locate it.

Concerning 1and1; it looks good, especially that 0.99$ per month. Could give them twelve months for 12$. That sounds real good! But how is it not great? Do they treat you as badly as GoDaddy? That would be a huge turn off of the site.