Web Development Tips on Windows 10

I recently built my first Windows rig. And while it's mostly meant for gaming, I'm a web developer (from home), so having some dev ops access on this machine seems like a fun optimization.

Does anyone have any tips for getting a development environment under windows 10.
I have been trying bash on win10, but it's sort of incomplete. I've mainly been attacking SSH (client and hopefully server) and PHP, so to do some basic coding.
Also I would eventually like Node.js, Ruby (for Sass & Compass), and Git.

I don't need a whole tutorial in a post, but I'm more looking for advice, or maybe links. Anyone have a good experience developing on Windows. I hear it's best to virtualize (Edit- which I do on Mac and Linux anyway)

Extra points for FTP clients, SSH clients, or editors that are great on Windows.

Well I could be that guy to just say Linux is better lol but not today....

If your gonna use Windows then Visual Studios is the best benefit. It might be harder to develop for like Node but ASP.NET MV5 will be easier on Windows.

I also like the code editor for my daily programming needs on Linux which works on Windows as well.

if you have PRO version of windows you could just enable hyper-V and run linux server under it, thats what i do, runs fine and is similar to production environment (i bet you dont run your websites under windows on servers), unlike developing on something like xampp and such and in the end probably the easiest way to go.

I have centOS VM with ISPconfig so its just clicking in webpanel to add new website, database,.. and i created SMB shares to edit code directly on server. Its not as fast as local development, but if you run your VM on SSD, it wont really be any big deal - mostly noticable only while working with git and in the end less pain than trying to run proper dev environment on windows

Coworkers at work are kinda experimenting with that ubuntu in windows thing, but i decided to stick to my VM solution before they figure everything out. Also i'm kinda worried about its stability in the future, since Microsoft basically don't have testest these days and everything is tested in "insider" versions and waiting month before MS patch anything they would manage to break is bit too long

So ye, would go with VM instead of trying to run it in windows itself

PS: i would even switch to linux on my office PC, if i didn't have to use Photoshop..

Bash + Vim or GTFO.

I'm Java developer and thats what I use on windows (when not gaming):

cygwin (Bash etc.) - some like it, some hate it, I personally barelly use it. I would guess that the new feature that MS is introducing for Docker and Linux/Bash might be actually better (never used).
MobaXterm Personal - as for FTP, SSH, etc. What I like in this tool is that it presents remote filesystem while I'm loggend in console so I can copy/paste files. For me that one tool is much better than putty+WinSCP combination.

Probably you are not asking for "IDE" but since VS was allready mentioned - you might also look into JetBrains IDEs. Starting specifically with PhpStorm or any other of their IDEs.

Since you mentioned bash on Windows (I allready assumed that you meant the MS new feratures for windows) - my big suggestion for windows:
Set "deffer updates" if you can (I think it requires windows "pro"). That feature is currently not yet released for "deffered" update path.
Here is the example reason:
Deffering updates saved me from total network subsystem failure on my working day (MS decided that NIC pairing is only for servers and I would end up with network completly not working on my working day).

For FTP check Filezilla. You can even create ssh connection with it for browsing files.
As for editors, I would suggest you use some IDE not just plain text editor. From free IDE you can look at Eclipse or NetBeans. But as someone already mentioned PHPStorm is excellent. You can try it out for free for a month I think. I'm using it and I like it.

linux for windows/bash and docker. doing a video on this soon.

How about a docker image with vim installed? Sorry, I can't help but be a smart ass sometimes.