Web browser



windows version release, will give it a try ( comparing this to firefox )

Looks like Chrome.

tested a couple browsers , still prefer firefox

You're right.  It's a blatant rip off.

Dunno why firefox or chrome never appealed to me.... still using opera after so many years. 


Chrome starts too slow after addons

FIrefox crashes too much after addons 

Opera is so good i'm using an addon for chrome addons to install firefox addons (Inception :D ) and still doesn't crashes.

their are hundreds of chromium based ripoffs like this

I moved away from Chrome yesturday, back to Firefox. At the begining, Chrome was good, now ti si terrible.


Try waterfox, it is a 64 Bit version of firefox.

i'll give it a try

Midori is a very light webbrowser.


LynX textbased browser ☺