Web browser hardware acceleration with a GTX 780 Ti and RX 560 in the same system

Hey everyone,

I have two 4K monitors. I originally just had a GTX 780 Ti which can’t run two 4K monitors at 60hz, so I bought an RX 650 so I could run both on one card. The issue with this is the RX 560 is obviously not the greatest card on the planet and my 780 Ti is better in every way except for the display outputs and lack of Freesync support.

I put both cards in the same system with the 780 Ti displaying to the primary monitor and the RX 560 on the secondary. This works great once drivers are installed until I want to watch videos on Twitch or Youtube. The video gets choppy because Chrome doesn’t use the proper GPU for hardware acceleration. Because there are two separate GPUs connected to their own monitors, it complicates things.

I have since gone back to the single RX 560, but i’d like to try it again. Does anyone know if any fixes for the browser hardware acceleration? The only fix I can think of is disabling hardware acceleration, which should work but it will make my 4770k cry more than it already does.

Thanks for any input!

The only way I found to force windows programs to use one GPU or another is to make the display connected to one of the GPU to be a main monitor. That will be the GPU that will be used for all newly opened applications. However, I don’t think it fixed the same problem you are having. I confirmed that a different GPU was used by going into browser settings and Windows Task manager GPU also confirmed that the different video card was used.

I suppose another work around is connect both monitors to the main gpu (780 Ti) and the RX 560 to the secondary only. When I am playing a game and want youtube on the secondary monitor I will have to live with 2160p@30hz Which should be fine for video.

I’ll play around with it tonight. I didn’t think about what monitor the application was started from. Ideally I would use each monitor for the programs that are running on them. So game on primary monitor using primary GPU. video or other task on secondary monitor using secondary GPU.